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The Rut

The Rut ’16: team adventure to the Big Sky Country.

Mud hills with ropes necessary to climb and descend. Blood. Concussion. Trophies. Lodging crashers.

















Turlan Morlan 3rd OA, 1st AG <19.

Kevin Oberholser 4:01:59 18th OA
Chris Morlan 4:57:40 55 OA
Tom Fuchs 5:25:38 70 OA
Bill Fitzner 6:35:53 120 OA
Eric Worden 6:46:45 127 OA
Ted Chauvin 7:56:12 168 OA

50K (short due to snow):
Andy LeFriec 4:44:25 29 OA
Mike Lauffer 6:23:42 148 OA
Chris Olson 9:18:13 281 OA
cgoodwin DNF


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