Welcome to the Spokane Distance Project

The Spokane Distance Project was formed on June 1st 2010.

The Spokane Distance Project Mission:

Provide an affordable and valuable “TEAM” emphasis development program for a diverse group of post-collegiate athletes seeking improvement. In addition:

  • Offer seasonal support to High School athletes and College students.
  • Offer a “TEAM” oriented peer group with specific emphasis on weekly “quality” group workouts and support for personal goals throughout each season and year.
  • Offer additional affordable private coaching for individual “A” races.
  • Offer culminating “TEAM” events.
  • Maintain USATF team membership (club number 0198) or membership in another insurance-providing Association.
  • Maintain Non-Profit Status. 

Spokane Distance Project milestones:
2010: Team forms, sets practice dates, aligns loosely with Spokane Swifts (who find a new coach). Alex, with nothing much more to do, runs. With ugly form.
2011: Team members, in uniform, race 2 5K summer series for a total of 6 local events, achieving team recognition. Alex gets a job, sort of, becoming a “social media consultant” or some such nonsense.
2012: Team members begin travelling for group races. This year, Sacramento. Alex is engaged! Who would have thought.
2013: PR’s, a larger squad with Ultra runners, Triathletes, and Road Racers tearing up the region. Sponsors pick up the team. Alex “dodges a bullet” and is no longer engaged. He does run a fantastic first marathon.
2014: SDP achieves nonprofit status, receives an EIN, a business checking account, and develops bylaws and a Board of Directors. A handful of athletes achieve their ultra goals with a group trip to Montana for a 50 miler. 3 of them get hurt. And guess what! Alex lands a legitimate job at a local news station. We get to see him on TV! Who’s laughing now. Way to go killer.
2015: Nobody remembers to update the milestones page, but we do know that Alex, in his on-again-off-again status as member and employed citizen, looks for work in Los Angeles.
2016: We see David’s Pizza and Better Body Fitness offer club relationships. SDP solidifies a commitment to represent the whole community by deciding to meet regularly in Downtown Spokane. Our team doctor was pulled from a high-altitude race in Big Sky Montana, but doesn’t remember much of it. You’ll never guess who not only became engaged, but married as well, and found new work right here in Spokane, and paid dues again! I think Alex became our mascot, the flesh embodiment of our Jackalope.